Early this January I was blessed to have the opportunity of working on the hit American TV drama series’ “Kingdom”. I was able to work closely with one of the pioneers of my sport, the very talented Joe Stevenson . You all may know him as Joe “Daddy” Stevenson, the fight choreographer for Kingdom. I must say that it was truly an amazing experience! I’m still in disbelief that I was able to see one of my dreams come true and work with such amazing people.

I’ve dreamt all my life of being an actress, and to be able to showcase my talents through modeling. Through fighting, I have seen both come to fruition.  One of my biggest influences and literally my life coach, is my Aunt Denise Carrasco, AKA “Auntourage”! She has been a model and an actress for 25 years. About 9 years ago we came up with the masterplan of me working diligently as an athlete to eventually compete at the highest level in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts and gain enough notoriety, popularity, and fame to lead me to the big screen.

It has been mind boggling to watch Ronda Rousey not only reach the apex but literally become the very best ever! To see her influence in MMA and watch it lead her to an explosive acting career is astonishing. So as you can imagine, when I received the phone call from Joe Daddy I was ecstatic.

The entire experience was surreal. To have the opportunity to work in LA, be around and see professional actors perform and most importantly, put all their time and preparation into live action. I had a blast! Joe Daddy put an awesome fight scene together and the very beautiful and talented actress Natalie Martinez, did such a great job of really putting the fight scene into play. I look forward to everyone seeing my fight scene, and I’m excited for the doors that will open in my future for more work on screen! I can’t wait for you guys to check me out.

I would like to give a special thanks to Coach Manolo Hernandez for recommending me for the spot and to Joe “Daddy” Stevenson, Natalie Martinez, Keith Campbell and the entire cast of “Kingdom” for an amazing experience. If you guys have not yet had the opportunity to check the show out, I strongly recommend you do. The storyline is so real and I personally relate to every one of the characters in one way or another. The life and story of struggling, up and coming MMA fighters really hits home for me and may hit home for you. I will keep you posted on when the episode is set to air.

That’s it for now, stay tuned, and thank you for checking in!

-Pearl Gonzalez

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